How Much Does it Cost to Sell a Home in San Diego?

When looking to sell a home in San Diego you will want to consider how much of the sale price will go to closing costs, taxes, commissions, and fees.

Many of those selling homes in San Diego are unaware of the different costs associated with selling their home and I often hear reports of sellers being shocked by 4 to 7% of the sales price disappearing.

As a real estate agent in San Diego I make sure that my clients understand the costs that will come with selling their home and where those costs will come from by providing a Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds worksheet. has been extremely thorough in providing a list of some of the general costs that you can expect to encounter throughout the United States and here is a list of costs you can expect when selling your home in San Diego.

  • Balance Payoff on Mortgage – Deductions should be made for the loan on your home, a second mortgage if you should have one, and any lines of home-equity credit you may have.
  • Fees for Notary – You will need to pay for a notary to verify your identity and to execute documentation properly.
  • Escrow Fees – Although you can often split this cost with the buyer you will have to pay an escrow company to ensure that all financial transactions including payment for closing costs, collecting deposits, paying off the mortgage, and receiving your proceeds are handled properly.
  • Agent Commissions – You will have to pay for the commission on the sale to your real estate agent. This rate may vary, but it is typically around 6%, which is split between the selling agent and the buyer’s agent.
  • Seller Concessions – If you have made concessions in the sale of your home such as paying for the buyer’s closing costs, you will have to take this into account.

Make sure that you consult with your San Diego Realtor and get your Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds worksheet when selling your home.

By Linda Moore

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