Linda Moore Offers Experience, Savvy and Service

Linda Moore EncinitasI thought I should take some time to tell everyone who does not follow my blog an opportunity to get to know me: Linda Moore.  As you can see from my website,, I sell more homes.  I do not do so with underhanded techniques or trickery.  I use the old fashion method of offering a quality product with a quality attitude.  I work tirelessly for my customers until they are satisfied.  People who know me often say Linda Moore is too positive.  I say Linda Moore is not too positive, the world is too negative.  Linda Moore sees the best in people and the best in the real estate market.

I do not have this website as an advertisement; I see it as a job interview.  If you can get to know me and what I stand for I feel that you will feel comfortable working with me.  I know that people are weary about real estate these days, and I want to put them at ease.  Not because people need to be manipulated, but because people need the truth.  There are so many positive things out there today, and often we are not seeing the forest through the trees.  Fact is there has never been a better time to buy a home.  My clients are getting approved for loans, and some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen are more affordable than ever.  There is much to be happy about in today’s market.  I have always been from the school of thought that there is no bad thing, just bad preparations.  I have made all of the proper preparations to see to it that you have a great experience in this economy or any other.  I know that we do not need to weather the storm; we need to take advantage of the rain water.  There is a silver lining to every cloud, and I am an expert at finding it.

So, when you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Encinitas area you should think of me, Linda Moore.

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