Perfect Example of Southern California Homes

Homes in southern CaliforniaThere is a brand new listing that available, it is a perfect example of Southern California homes. This beautiful 2 bedroom 1 bath home sits in a beautiful setting.  The lush greenery and bright flowers that encircle the property make it feel like you are on a retreat every day.  I went to this property and was overcome with how much it feels like a home. Southern California homes have an ability to invoke this feeling.  Southern California homes are amazing.  Especially this one.

Southern California Homes.

This property is a true botanical masterpiece.  It has been meticulously landscaped and offers very clean lines.  There is no HOA for this property and the garden is eco-friendly.  The Pacific Serena neighborhood is known for its great appeal, and this property is the highlight of the area.  It sits on a premium corner lot and has been impeccably maintained.  The benefits to living in this home in this location are too numerous to mention.

There are great homes available right now in all of the best places to live in and around Encinitas.  I have seen some of the most exciting deals and home of my entire career in the past weeks and am so excited I have so many great homes to show my clients.  Some truly wonderful homes have been coming on the market.

I have been hearing a lot on the news, and heard it again this morning, about how banks are lending money again.  The lull in loans is over, and my clients are finding an easy time when applying for home loans.  I am sure that everyone knows this by now, but it cannot hurt to remind everyone that homes are easier to buy now than they have been.  Also, nearly everyone home loan I see go through is FHA and these loans only require 3.5% as a down payment.  That is $3,500 for every $100,000 of house you finance.  This is the perfect time for people to buy homes, and there is so much help out there to make it happen.  What a wonderful time to be helping people!  If you have questions about how you can find the home of your dreams, all you have to do is ask.  I am here to serve you.

If you would like to schedule a time to see this home give me a call at 760-310-0234.  We can set up a time for you to stroll through the beautiful property and feel the relaxation this home has to offer.  Pictures cannot do this property justice.  I cannot wait to bring some people by this place, it is going to make a great home for someone.

Contact Linda Moore for more information about this home, or any Southern California Homes.

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