Tips For Staging Homes For Sale in Encinitas

As an Encinitas real estate agent I can’t stress the importance of staging your Encinitas home for sale. Here are some Encinitas real estate agent tips for staging homes for sale in Encinitas.

To show the positive correlation between staging and selling your home, one woman staged her condo in San Francisco. She compared the sales price and length of time it took to sell against the exact same unit one floor below hers that was unstaged. Her condo received many offers and sold in a month and a half, whereas the other condo never even got an offer. Here are those tips for staging:

  • Clear Out EVERYTHING – Take every single thing out of your home; from furniture and entertainment centers to clothes and sentimental tchotchkes. After you have moved everything out, replace only the necessary furniture, leaving out any non-essentials like home entertainment equipment if it keeps the space from looking SPACIOUS, CLEAN, and UNCLUTTERED.
  • Fill With Neutral, Contemporary Style – Whatever your personal style is, make sure that you freshen up the style of your Encinitas home for sale by picking some adornments and even extra furniture that will appeal to as many buyers as possible.
  • Use Mirrors Liberally – Mirrors will make the areas in your home look bigger, lighter and brighter, and will allow sunlight to bounce all over the walls.
  • The Devil’s in the Details – Simple things like setting the dining room table with fine china, placing aromatic soaps and fresh, plush towels in the bathroom and a book on the coffee table will go a long way to help the buyer picture themselves living in your home.
  • Add Warmth with Texture – Texture on wallpaper, pillows, rugs, blankets, baskets, etc. is an easy way to play up the room and add warmth to a room that needs a little kick.

If you are looking to sell your home in Encinitas then make sure you get the expert resources and experience that only an Encinitas real estate agent can provide. Consult an experienced Encinitas Realtor today.

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