Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween

Well we’re less than a week away from Halloween in San Diego and now that you have gotten your Encinitas home decorated like your own personal haunted house the final touch to completing your Halloween themed home is a jack-o-lantern or two.  Sick of the same old patterns in pumpkin carving? There are as many ideas for patterns as brains in the world for getting creative with your pumpkin. With a sharp and skinny knife, any idea can become a reality. Make your Encinitas home brighten up the street with the intriguing visions of imagination. Compete with the friendly neighbors in pumpkin carving contests.

Here are some key factors in getting your vision into a pumpkin.

  1. Draw out the picture first, even have a friend draw it. Or, take a picture or pattern from the internet and adjust it to make it your own. Be sure there are points of the drawing where the object can meet the edge, the thicker those points are the better and stronger that image will be on the pumpkin.
  2. Pick out a pumpkin that is extremely hard, and the shape and size necessary for your vision. A hollow pumpkin or smelly pumpkin will be too ripe to hold your image.
  3. After drawing or stenciling your image on the face of the pumpkin, pokes holes, the closer together the better, on the lines with an ice pick or thick needle.
  4. Use a sharp, skinny knife to play “connect the dots” with your knife and the holes.

Your home in Encinitas will shine with this new addition. I dare you to enter pumpkin carving contests to show off your imagination. Just be sure to have fun with it and bake the seeds for an after-snack.

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