Least Expensive Homes Sold in 2016

Now San Diego County is known for being a pricey place for real estate, but what about those “dirt cheap” places? There had to be a few in San Diego! Well there are and the San Diego Union-Tribune gathered up the five least expensive homes sold in San Diego County in 2016. You will not believe what these places are like. I guess some people really like fixer-uppers!

Most of the major deals can be found in Jacumba or Palomar. The fifth cheapest one is a 370-square-foot, yes 370, cabin that was built in 1927. At the time of sale, it had mice, needed electrical repairs, and even the floors were uneven.  This little cabin even has an outside shower…and I don’t believe the luxury kind. That fixer-upper went for $85,000. Not too shabby.

The next one of the list is a previously bank-owned property near Campo Indian Reservation. It is 1,215-square-feet and built in 1954; it sold for a mere $77,629. The second cheapest property sold in SD is a little bright blue 629-square-foot home right across from Jacumba Public Library. This 1925 home went for only $57,000.

Finally, the absolute cheapest home sold in San Diego County was a mere $45,000 and only on the market for 20 days. With two beds and one bath, depending on your perspective it could be called quite a steal.

See pictures for all of them here:


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