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How Today’s Low Interest Rates Benefit Both Buyers and Sellers

California-based real estate expert and realtor Linda Moore appears as a guest on The American Dream to discuss beach property, Encinitas, interest rates and real estate in general. Moore talks about the current state of the market and offers up details about why home buyers are currently in a unique position to take advantage of some of the lowest interest rates in history. Low interest rates also benefit sellers in many ways as well.

It’s not just about buying, either, as Linda Moore explains. Current homeowners can use the current market to their advantage by either “trading up” for a larger house at no extra cost, or refinancing their current mortgage to get lower monthly payments on the house they already own.

California real estate is a massive economic market that moves quickly and is sometimes quite unpredictable. Expert realtor Linda Moore explains how this fact is causing many prospective California home buyers to enter the market right now. That way, they can lock in historically low mortgage interest rates before the economy turns in the other direction.

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Preparing Your Home to Sell Fast – Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore on the Craig Sewing Show

Linda Moore and her client Michael Folb. Michael speaks about his experience of hiring Linda Moore to sell his Solana Beach home. Michael Folb shares Linda’s recommendations of improvements that were most cost effective in helping the seller achieve top dollar for his Solana Beach home.

Encinitas Marketplace – Linda Moore Realtor – Craig Sewing Show

Award-winning Coldwell Banker realtor Linda Moore appears on the Craig Sewing Show to discuss Encinitas, and what makes it the quintessential California beach town. Divided into four unique areas, Encinitas provides visitors and residents of the community with culture, beautiful scenic views, surfing, dining and luxury. As the #1 realtor in Encinitas, Linda Moore offers valuable insight into the California real estate market, and showcases the wealth of beauty and activities Encinitas has to offer, including the burgeoning art scene and the famous classic car show held on Thursday nights in the summer.

Along with her colleague Danny Horanyi, Linda Moore discusses local real estate trends, as well as the Fresh Start program that provides innovative home financing options for borrowers.

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