Perfect Gifts on Amazon for Everyone

birthday, christmas, giftIf you’re looking for some last-minute gift ideas with just a week and a half left until Christmas, here are some awesome ideas you can get all from Amazon.

1. Set of 140 colored gel pens
Who –
adult/child doodler
Price $19.99

This set includes 31 glitter, 27 neon-glitter, 25 metallic, 13 standard, 4 swirl, 20 pastel, and 20 neon pens.

2. Lavender bath salts
Who –
any who need stress relief
Price ­– $11.49+

You’ll have the option of 3 sizes.

3. State-shaped cutting board
Who –
any home owner
Price – $16.42+

Available in every state, including Puerto Rico.

4. Wooden stamp set
Who –
creative kids
Price $9.99

Great to get crafty kids involved of all ages (with washable ink).

5. The Food Lab
Who –
obsessive chefs
Price – $29.97

Teaches home cooking by the sciene.

6. Seat gap filler
Who –
car owner
Price – $19.99

This set includes a pack of two.

7. Handheld musical toy
Who –
groovy babies
Price – $7.64

It plays Mozart, Chopin, and other composers without annoying parents.

8. Dead Sea mud mask
Who –
skincare improvers
Price – $14.95

Ingredients include mineral-rich dead sea mud (helps remove dirt from pores) and shea butter (moisturizes skin).

9. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Who –
interested readers
Price – $8.02

A brief overview on the mysteries of the universe for those who don’t even understand science.

10. Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates
Who –
anyone who likes chocolate
Price – $14.08

This gift comes with 48 pieces of chocolates.

11. Pair of binoculars
– bird peepers, outdoor enthusiasts, spies
Price – $28.99

Could be a gag gift or for someone who is going on a trip soon.

12. Portable charger
Who –
the battery wasters
Price – $39.99+

Takes approximately 10-20 hours to charge depending on the cord. It can charge an iPhone 7 seven times, Galaxy S6 five times, and an iPad mini 4 times.

13. Air purifier
Who –
Price – $82.99

The HEPA filter captures dust, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen, and neutralizes odors.

14. Exploding Kitten card game
Who – a
ll ages
Price – $19.99

Essentially, Russian Roulette except with exploding kittens.

15. Magnetic wristband
Who –
home improver
Price – $10.65

Allows for easy nail and other metal item access.

16. Electric griddle
Who –
home cooks
Price – $35.56

A non-stick griddle with a removable drip tray to catch grease and such.

17. Portable padded seat
Who –
sports fans
Price – $39.46

Available in 8 colors, it transforms their seat for more comfortability.

18. Gnome-killing garden statue
Who –
cat-loving gardeners
Price – $25.95

A cat eating some gnomes, it works for the comedic side of your gardener.

19. Balsam- and cedar-scented candle
Who –
those who like scents
Price – $19.80

A Yankee Candle that’ll burn up to 150 hours, spreading holiday cheer until its gone.

20. Ukulele Starter Kit
Who –
any who don’t know the ukulele
Price – $49.99+

It is available in 6 different finishes.

21. Balance board
Who –
those looking for core strength
Price – $25.99

Improve stability and posture, as well as build strength and muscle.

22. Stainless steel nesting bowls
Who –
Price – $24.95

Comes in a set of 6 different sizes.

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