Roofing company in Encinitas

With an average rainfall of over 15 inches per year in Encinitas it is imperative to have a reliable roof over your head.  Nobody likes waking up in the middle of the night to put a pot under a leaky roof.  Then you hear every drop and you toss and turn all night thinking about the damage in your attic.  We recommend you get that leak fixed quick with this company:

Christensen Roofing
(760) 741-1600
2974 Mountain View Drive, Escondido, CA 92027

Christensen Roofing is dedicated to providing its customers with the finest roofing products available, and the finest craftsmanship you will ever find.  They are dedicated to being on time and doing the job right.  Their goal is customer satisfaction, every time.  Here are just a few things that make them a premier roofing company:
* Their crews consist of roofing professionals with extensive experience, and do the job according to all codes and manufacturer’s specifications.
* Their roofers can take care of any carpentry needs, which means they can do things most other roofers can’t, such as replacing rafters, adding roof extensions or gazebos, or reconstructing your roof line.
* Once they start your job, they don’t stop until it’s completed. Your satisfaction is always their first priority.
* They’re certified installers for the finest materials. They only use products that have been tried and tested. You should only have to roof or re-roof ONCE.

All of their roofing systems are installed per manufacturer specifications. All systems are backed by a 5 or 10-year written installation and workmanship warranty, in addition to the 10 to 50-year warranty that may come with your product.  Every building and every roof is different, and each with their own challenges to overcome. This is why the experts at Christensen Roofing should be the first call for your roof replacement needs.  Their skilled crews have worked on every type of roof system, and they truly understand how they are built and how they are supposed to work.  Upon tearing off your old roof, they commonly discover wood damage from leaks, dry rot, and termites.  They will notify you of these problems, the estimated cost, if applicable, and make the repairs as needed.

After hearing all this how can you pass up such a great opportunity to work with a family owned and operated company.  Support small business and give them a call today.

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