How to Win Offers in a Seller’s Market

During the pandemic, the interest rates for mortgages have been at an all-time low. Millions of buyers are out there, searching for their dream home while the market is low. While low interest rates are perfect for a long-term investment like a home, they also mean it is now a seller’s market. A seller’s market simply means that there are …

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Restaurants Reopening for Outdoor Dining around Encinitas

As health and safety measures are being put in place in the San Diego area, many eateries and restaurants are welcoming their guests back to their patios. If you’ve been anxious to enjoy your favorite spots again for date night, here are some of the most notable restaurants re-opening for dine in: 1. Union Kitchen & Tap Encinitas: They are …

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How to Save on Energy Costs in Your Home

According to the Energy Department, the average American household can spend up to $2,000 a year just on energy costs! While you do need to keep the lights on, air conditioning, water heating, and other features can be costly. Modifying your energy usage can help cut down your energy bills, and help you save on energy costs in your home! …

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Increase Your Home Value with Eco-Friendly Upgrades

If you’ve begun the process of increasing your home’s value, there are a few easy ways to do it! Instead of just landscaping and color schemes, think outside of the box for energy efficient ways that can increase your home’s value. Generally, the energy efficient ways to increase your value tend to be the least expensive! Here are some eco-friendly …

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5 Pet Friendly Floors

If you’re a pet owner, you know how tough it can be to keep your floors clean. Messes, nails, and other hazards on the floor come with pet ownership! While messes are common, there are pet friendly floors that can make your cleaning and home maintenance experience easier. When you are searching for a flooring for your furry friend, keep …

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Top 5 Schools in the Encinitas Area

If you are a parent looking to move to Encinitas, one of the most important aspects of your move will be to consider what schools are in the area. This can determine your child’s future and prospects, so it is crucial to have good options at your disposal! Here are some of the top 5 primary and secondary schools in …

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5 Myths About Real Estate

When it comes to real estate and the housing market, there are bound to be myths created. Some are just misinformation that can lead a buyer or seller to think a certain way. Regardless of how they are made, myths are also made to be debunked! Keep reading below to look at the debunked real estate myths: 1. All Real …

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For Sale: Unique Lot With Two Homes

This beautiful lot is a two for one deal, with two homes located on the property! It is listed at $1,750,000 with 9,148 square feet.  Both homes have updated floors and simply interiors that are easy to spruce up.  This lot could be ideal for a landlord, or a multi-family situation! Both homes are in great condition and remodeled.  This lot is …

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