2903 Via Pepita

This beautiful Carlsbad home is now on the market! Check out this single level Sante Fe Ridge turnkey home, listed for $1,275,000. It is three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and over 1500 square feet.  Just take a look at these vaulted ceilings! This home comes with a HUGE usable lot with ample room to add ADU or expand. Get a load …

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How to Stage Your Home When Selling

Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference There are many moving parts when it comes to selling a home, and staging the interior for showings is an important gear in this process. First impressions can significantly impact potential buyers, so ensuring the space is clean, well-designed, and impersonalized is crucial. Decorating for showings isn’t just about making things look better– it’s been …

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Pet Friendly Home Decor

How to Maintain Your Home When Living With a Pet Keeping a pet in your house is not uncommon– archaeologists can trace the existence of humans living with animals back thousands of years. For many people, their dog, cat, or bird can become a true member of the family. However, they are still animals and can wreak havoc on furniture …

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Home Improvements Under $500

Sometimes, you just need to spruce things up in your home. It doesn’t matter if you plan on selling it or not! If you want to change the space, your reason is often irrelevant, unless it is something that may bring down the value of the home or completely change the aesthetics of the space. The big factor that you …

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Kitchen Renovations: What is the Total Cost?

Whether your kitchen is big or small, renovations can be expensive. Typically, most home builders recommend only spending as much for your kitchen remodel that you would expect to make back if the home is sold later on. So, if you are planning on selling it in the next five years or so, build a more palpable for buyers. However, …

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Baby Proofing a House: What Works?

If you are looking to purchase a home in the near future and you have a little one on the way (or already here!) you may be curious about how you can baby proof your new home. You’ve done all the research and your new home is in the best school district and area! So, naturally, the next step is …

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How to Hire a Decorator

So, you finally did it- you bought a house! You’ve upgraded from an apartment to a home. Whether that is your situation, or you simply are looking for advice, decorating can be tough. There are so many options to consider and a ton of aesthetics to look at! Are you a modern home or a Bohemian home? Is there any …

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3 Renovations that Will Change Your Home

Looking to change things up in your home? It doesn’t take much to spruce up your space. Sometimes, just a fresh coat of paint and a few DIY projects will do the trick. While you may be new when it comes to DIY and home projects, don’t let it intimidate you! It can be easier than you think to get …

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Carpet or Hardwood?

Can’t decide between carpet or hardwood? That can be a tough choice! In today’s market, hardwood is a popular option. But what are the pros and cons of each option? Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each floor choice before you make a decision with your home. The Pros and Cons of Carpet Carpet is a versatile …

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5 Date Night Spots in San Diego

Date nights are important in any relationship! Whether you are on the hunt for a new date night spot in San Diego or you are just looking to find new foodie spots, this city has you covered. San Diego is known for scenic views, great food, and a tropical zoo! But what are some of the new hot spots to …

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