Pet Friendly Home Decor

How to Maintain Your Home When Living With a Pet

Keeping a pet in your house is not uncommon– archaeologists can trace the existence of humans living with animals back thousands of years. For many people, their dog, cat, or bird can become a true member of the family.

However, they are still animals and can wreak havoc on furniture or belongings if you don’t have the right tools to manage things. Instead of banishing them to the outdoors, you should consider finding pet-friendly ways to decorate and maintain your home! There are many ways to furnish a space without sacrificing style or functionality.

Below are examples of how you can keep your house welcoming to the pets and humans who live there or visit.

Regular Grooming

Buying fancy crates or cages can undoubtedly transform a living space, but your home will always feel messy if you don’t groom your animals regularly. Taking care of your pet’s hygiene can make your home feel clean and orderly for much longer!

An ungroomed dog or cat can grow nails that scratch hardwood floors or upholstery while leaving pesky fur around that can be challenging to clean up after. A clean pet equals a clean home!

Buy a Roomba

Unfortunately, regular vacuuming comes with the territory of living with a pet. It doesn’t matter how well you match your dog’s coat to the color of your couch– when an animal is shedding, you may need to clean up after them daily.

If you don’t have the time or patience to vacuum daily, consider purchasing an automatic cleaner like a Roomba! They can detect dirt or fur and keep your floor spotless between weekly cleaning sessions.

No Wall to Wall Carpet

All carpets and rugs will absorb odors, stains, and pet hair no matter how clean you try to keep them. If you want to save time and energy, consider tearing up any wall-to-wall carpet in your home and switching over to hardwood, laminate, or ceramic flooring.

If you want area rugs, consider ones that are low pile. There are also many stain-resistant rugs on the market these days!

Buy Washable Fabrics and Covers

Keeping pets off couches or chairs can be tricky. If you own a particularly nice piece of furniture, consider covering it in washable fabric covers. This way, you can clean them regularly, you don’t need to worry about your animals messing up the expensive pieces underneath, and you can remove the covers when company comes around!

Create an Animal Space or Room

If you let your dogs out regularly, turn the backyard entrance area into a space that can be impervious to dirt or water. There are many ways to convert a small breakfast area or mud room into a pet-friendly space.

This space can serve as their clean-off spot and where you keep all their things. Instead of having toys, treats, and food all over the house, containing pet-specific items in one space can make your home feel more organized!

Keep These Pet-Friendly Tips in Mind for Your Next Move

When searching, you should keep these pet-friendly tips in mind if you’re in the market for a new home. Look for places without wall-to-wall carpeting or a good mud room that can house pet supplies! Contact Realtor Linda Moore for more information on pet-friendly homes in your area.

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