Selling a House – Successful Negotiations

In my continuing series of blog posts centered around tips for selling a home,we continue today with some strategies to think about when it comes time to contract negotiations. Now that you have prepped and primped your home to be shown in optimum physical and decorative condition, added a yard sign that proudly states “look at me” you have unlimited …

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Selling a Home – Home Inspection Process

In my continuing series blog posts dealing with tips for selling a home, I’d like to venture into the process of home inspection and the implication for prospective sellers. Most if not all buyers will want to be informed of various aspects of a property they are making an offer on. A home inspection is an objective comprehensive visual examination …

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Selling a Home – Setting a Price

In my continuing series of posts dealing with tips for selling a home we move on today to successful home pricing techniques. It is critical to have a market sensitive pricing strategy, but no matter what kind of property your are thinking about putting on the market certain base guidelines apply. Let’s first think about the very nature what constitutes …

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