4 Easy Ways to Bring Your Living Room to Life

Your living room is often the first thing people see when they step foot into your home. And guess what? Everyone judges you based on how clean and well decorated your living room is. People want to walk into a home that feels warm, yet sophisticated, vibrant, but not tacky, and the list goes on. The key ingredients you can focus on is having a warm and vibrant living room that maintains an air of class. Below are four easy ways to bring your living room to life:

#1: Become a Plant Mom

Becoming a plant mom is not just a fun hashtag for gloomy millennials. There are benefits to adding some greenery in the room you spend most of your time in. Flowers and plants simply put people in a good mood with their variety of color, texture and style. We live in a fast paced world today, so when visitors come around they are often looking for a place of refuge. By having vibrant and attractive plants in your home, your guests will soon associate your place with serenity and peace.

#2: Play With Texture

In addition to having your place become associated with a real life botanical garden, another way to bring your living room to life is by playing around with texture. Texture is the new code word for “chic’.” The common trend today is to have a minimalist approach when buying furniture and creating feng-shui with a minimalist attitude. Texture helps to introduce personality into a repetitive color scheme. Below are some examples of fun textures to play with especially if there is a lot of white, black, and gray in your living room decor:

● Fur – This texture adds dimension and personality to floor rugs and throw pillows.
● Silk – This texture instantly makes you look like the 1%. It’s classy, sophisticated, and has the most amazing feel. Silk pillows will have your guests glued to your couch.
● Leather – Leather often has a bachelor-like feel. This is the perfect texture to add a bit of diversity to offset the more feminine attribute such as the colorful flowers, and silk pillows. Choose a black or white leather bench with chrome legs to go against the wall under your mounted TV. Your guest won’t be able to put their finger on it, but they’ll definitely regard your living room as modern and up-to-date.

#3: Incorporate Fun Colors

Vibrant colors such as: yellows, peach, orange, and lavender work wonders in the elevating style of a living room. These color patterns can be found in floor rugs, throw pillows, and paintings on the wall behind your heather gray sectional.

Fun and vibrant colors, just like plants, really help to improve your mood. The color yellow is associated with happiness, as it is the perceived color of the sun, and it is prevalent in several fruits and flowers that produce serotonin. Add some yellow pillows or artwork and your guests will be leaving your home grinning and laughing without being quite sure as to what caused their state of euphoria.

#4: Add Some Novelty

Is there a piece in your living room that stands out? This can be easily accomplished with having a funky coffee table, or a centerpiece on the coffee table that is absolutely eye-catching.

● Coffee Table – Stone coffee tables are now in style as it adds texture and personality to a rather bleak ambiance. Also, play around with different materials such as faux marble or all glass.
● Centerpiece – The centerpiece should be eye-catching and unique. Opt to have you and your partner’s clasped hands made into a stone work of art, or a more affordable option could be a gorgeous bouquet or three large hardback books stacked under two candles of different lengths.

Decorate Your Home in a New Way Today!

Decorating your living room is essential to adding a sense of personality and making your guests feel welcomed. Share these tips with a friend who could use the tips and tricks!

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