6 Lamps to Make Your Home Extra Cozy

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One of the best ways to make your home extra cozy this fall and winter is to focus on lighting. Light temperature is so important when it comes to cozy home décor because it can drastically affect your mood.

Light therapy studies have shown that different light colors can change the way we feel. The color temperature scale starts at 1,000 kelvin and goes as high as 10,000 kelvin. A high color temperature, also known as blue light, can increase productivity and energy. On the other hand, a low color temperature, such as red, can promote feelings of ease and relaxation.

If you want to make your home extra cozy, stick to low color temperature light bulbs that are under 4,000 kelvin. The color of a sunset is around 3,200 kelvin and candlelight is about 1,500 kelvin.

Find your perfect light temperature and get some new lamps for your reading nook or bedroom.

Check Out these 6 Lamps to Make Your Home Extra Cozy

  • Suspended Arc Floor Lamp

This gorgeous hardy floor lamp resembles a suspended paper lantern. Create an extra cozy room with this cream-colored rattan lamp that has a black base and a three-way rotary switch. This floor lamp measures 76.5 inches in height.

  • Warm Sun Table Lamp

If you want a table lamp, this warm LED table lamp will make your home extra cozy! Resembling a warm sun, this circular lamp is perfect for any dreamy room. The bulb is included and the shade is made of glass.

  • Floor Lamp Tower with Shelves

Want a functional lamp that provides shelf space and cozy mod lighting? This standing column LED floor lamp is also a shelving unit! Inspired by Japanese lamps, this home décor option has three shelves and a warm shaded lamp on the top.

  • Paper Floor Lamp

Love the look of paper lanterns? You’re not alone! They cast such a gorgeous warm light that will definitely help make your home extra cozy. This white LED accordion floor lamp has a rice paper shade and is 46 inches high.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp

While the health claims of Himalayan salt lamps are dubious, this lamp option is still pretty to look at and it provides soft ambient lighting. Available in pink and orange, this interesting lamp is sure to make your home extra cozy. The size varies but ranges from 8 to 11 inches in height.  

  • Tree Floor Lamp

Providing ample light, this tall LED floor lamp resembles a tree with branches. There are three arched light sources that can be adjusted and there is an energy-efficient dimmer switch. Make your home extra cozy with this elegant home décor option that stands 80 inches tall.

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