5 Easy DIYs to Spruce up Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is notorious for being one of the hardest places to decorate. If you are bored of your current set-up, why not try a few tricks to spruce your room up?

Here are some easy and hassle-free DIY ideas to consider trying this year!

1. Change the Lighting: One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom is through the light fixtures and lighting options. Outdated light fixtures can make the room appear dated, even if the other parts of the bathroom are modernized! Just a quick switch can help you update your bathroom and give it a new feel. Check out light fixtures online, or at your local furniture store for a quick fix!

2. Get Creative with Wallpaper: While many homeowners aren’t quick to use wallpaper in other places in their homes, it can be an easy way to make your bathroom pop! Choose an accent color for one wall, or even a bold color to give the room texture and depth. Dark emerald, sage, and sienna tones are colors in wallpaper that can instantly give the room a new feel.

3. Change your Storage: If you haven’t invested in new shelves for your bathroom, now is the time to start! A new storage shelf made of brass or wood to offset your bathroom colors can really change the space. A few decorations, such as flowers or jars on the shelves can also add to the room! Simply take your old shelf and give it a new coat of paint or invest in a new one for a new look.

4. Freshen up the Mirror: A quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom is to freshen up the mirror with a new stain or coat of paint! If your bathroom mirror has a wood frame, a new stain color can change the feel of the room. Or, consider painting your mirror’s frame a bold color!

5. Keep Your Accessories New: Everyone has bathroom accessories. Whether it is a lot of plants, matching vases, or art on the walls! If you haven’t updated your art in awhile, or your plants, consider switching them out for new ones. Printing a new art print and framing it to replace old art can really change the space! Switch out some of your accessories and look for the right ones to give your space a new feel.

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