Top Rated Sushi Restaurants for Date Night in Encinitas

If you’re looking for the perfect date night spot for sushi, you’re in luck. Encinitas is not only one of the most luxurious California seafood spots, but it is also known for amazing sushi too!

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect date night for sushi, check out these restaurants in or near Encinitas:

Kai Ola Sushi

With a delicious sushi bar and other seafood plates offered, this restaurant is known for quality and taste! Located off the N Coast Highway, it’s right by the water for a perfect view.

Kaito Sushi

For this place, you’ll definitely need a reservation! This sushi restaurant is a local favorite, with a traditional sushi bar that boasts authentic Japanese sushi that follows traditional Tokyo methods. While on the pricier side, many reviewers say it’s worth it!

Hooked on Sushi

Another Japanese style sushi bar for date night! This spot also offers Asian fusion, and reasonably priced dine-in style meals. If you’re looking for a date night spot that offers items like Poke bowls and other hot sushi items, this is your spot to try the next time you want a night off!


If you’re looking for Asian fusion, this Chinese-Korean hot spot is perfect for date nights! Food critics are raving, and the locals are in love with one of the best date spots in Encinitas. Located off of N Coast Highway, reservations are recommended!

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