7 Haunted Houses Offering Sleepovers

The Lizzie Borden House

  • Who: Lizzie Borden allegedly killed her father and stepmom with an axe in 1892, but was acquitted of crimes due to insufficient evidence. There is a nursery rhyme about her you can find here.
  • Where: Fall River, Massachusetts

When staying at this house, you have the choice of 8 rooms to sleep in, including the place where her parents were murdered. Rates include room, breakfast, and a house tour. With occupancies up to 3 people, rooms start at $214.40 plus tax.

Villisca Axe Murder House

  • Who: The location of the brutal murder of two adults, JB and Sarah Moore, and 6 children, four that were their own and the neighbor’s two daughters.
  • Where: Villisca, Iowa

A brutal murder that remains unsolved over 100 years later, staying in the house requires an overnight visit with the whole house to yourselves. An occupancy up to 6 guests, the minimum rate is $428 with tax.

The Myrtles Plantation

  • Who: Supposedly haunted by a young slave girl, Chloe, who murdered the wife and 2 daughters of her master, Clark Woodruff, by poisoning them with cake.
  • Where: St. Francisville, Louisiana

Originally owned by General David Bradford, “Whiskey Dave”, during the Whiskey Rebellion in 976, he sold it to his son-in-law, Judge Clark Woodruff”, in 1820. Some rooms allow an occupancy of 6 people with rates from $175 to $400 per night.

The Farnsworth House Inn

  • Who: Named after Brigadier General Elon John Farnsworth, the inn housed confederate sharpshooters during the 3-day conflict in Gettysburg. After the battle, it served as a hospital.
  • Where: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

In this same inn is where a Confederate soldier accidently killed the only civilian to have died during the battle of Gettysburg, Mary Virginia. Only allowing double occupancy max, rates start at $139 for a midweek stay.

Captain Grant’s, 1754

  • Who: Captain William Grant and his family resided for 3 generations in the inn. It served as a sanctuary for escaped slaves and housed Continental army soldiers.
  • Where: Poquetanuck Village, Preston, Conneticut

The Captain died at sea, but they say his wife died in her 80’s and is still waiting for her husband to come home. Rates vary by the season, but currently you can get a room between $109 and $169 through October 31st.

The Logan Inn

  • Who: The mother of the former inn owner seems to walk the halls.
  • Where: New Hope, Pennsylvania

After the fateful duel of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, Burr stayed at the Logan Inn after winning the battle. You can stay here starting at $135 per weeknight.

The Foley Inn

  • Who: The original owner, Honoria Foley, was almost choked to death by a guest. She killed him with a candlestick, then offered another guest free stay to help hide the body.
  • Where: Savannah, Georgia

The Foley Inn is said to give Savannah its reputation for one of the most haunted cities in America. In the 1989 renovation, a body was found within the walls of the inn. Including breakfast and an afternoon snack, rates start at $140 per night.

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