8 Gorgeous Curtains that Retain Heat

living room curtains

If you want to keep your home cozy throughout the cold months while also reducing your heating costs, then you must invest in some gorgeous curtains that retain heat!

Thick thermal curtains provide your home with insulation, keeping any drafts from entering your home. But that’s not all, as thermal curtains can also quiet outside noises and block the sun if you hate blaring sunshine in the morning!

There are plenty of lovely curtain designs to choose from that help you retain heat, so check out these 8 options!

  • Orange Theatre Curtains

Want a set of plush curtain panels that are reminiscent of a day at the theatre? These orange velvet curtains are elegant and eye-catching. You’re not ordinary and neither is your home décor! Brighten up any room with these cheerful thermal curtains.

  • Color Block Curtains

This heat retaining curtain is a color block option; the top half is white while the bottom is grey. Available in many different sizes, this energy-efficient curtain panel blocks out the cold while also providing privacy.

  • Mint Grommet Curtains

This ethereal curtain set comes with two layers, the thermal layer, and then the soft and gorgeous overlay. The color mint is cheerful and airy, giving the room a bright appearance. Best of all? This grommet curtain option is machine washable.

  • Floral Velvet Curtains

Want a luxurious curtain option that turns any room into a stunning artistic space? This absolutely gorgeous velvet teal curtain features an array of orange, blue, and red florals. The plush velvet helps to retain heat and instantly makes your room cozier.  

  • Solid White Velvet Curtains

Want porcelain white curtains that brighten the room but still retain heat? This single curtain option provides thermal insulation, noise reduction, and blackout light filtration. The velvet fabric is both fade and stain resistant, that way you can maintain the look of your gorgeous curtains.

  • Botanical Blue Curtains

If you love floral patterns, these blue thermal curtains are sure to impress. Complete with insulated technology, these woven panels could reduce energy lost through your windows by about 30%! These curtains are also machine washable, allowing for easier cleanup.    

  • Cotton Geometric Curtains

Love geometric design? These grey curtains feature white geometric lines for a gorgeous look. These lined curtains offer you three ways to hang them: rod pocket, hooks, or back tab. These curtains are dry clean only.

  • Animal Print Curtains

If you’re looking for heat retaining curtains for a child’s room, or you simply have a whimsical taste in décor, these animal print curtains are sure to delight! Grey foxes and pink birds adorn a brightly colored woodland background. Insulate any room with these gorgeous insulated curtains.

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