Carlsbad Provides Exceptional Service

New residents moving to Carlsbad, visiting, or current residents enjoy the preserved land in Souther California.

The City of Carlsbad prides itself on providing an exceptionally high level of service to its residents.  With a population of nearly 105,000, this mid-sized city has maintained its small town feel by carefully managing growth encouraging community involvement and preserving almost half the city as open space.

Carefully managing growth and development is critical to maintaining the City of Carlsbad’s excellent quality of life. In 1986, Carlsbad residents voted to pass the Growth Management Plan, which limited the amount of growth that would be allowed in Carlsbad and put conditions on how growth could occur. Most importantly, the plan established that in Carlsbad, development pays its own way.

Rolling hills, miles of walking trails, shimmering lagoons – these beautiful open spaces give residents a break from their daily routines and attract visitors year round. When combined with the already anticipated open space preservation required by the city’s general plan and the California Environmental Quality Act, and additional properties acquired in concert with the city’s Habitat Management Plan, the growth management standard brought the projected amount of open space at buildout to approximately 40 percent. Current calculations estimate that 37.8 percent of the city is already designated as open space, with 76.7 percent of that being natural open space such as native habitats, lagoons and streams

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