Charts to Make Thanksgiving Prep Easier

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday but it can be extremely stressful for those who are preparing the meal. I am here to come to your rescue; actually, Elle Décor is here to come to your rescue. They have collected 15 charts into one GENIUS article to help you navigate everything that comes with Thanksgiving preparation.

There is a shopping chart that explains how much to buy of which item depending on how many people you will be serving. It gives you a more precise timeline of what you can prep beforehand to save time. There are charts explaining how to prep the turkey, how to roast the turkey, and how to carve the turkey. It includes a chart with several recipes to upgrade your mashed potatoes to make them more flavorful and a chart on how to avoid lumpy gravy which is a Thanksgiving host’s worst nightmare. You can learn all the spices that are necessary to make your own pumpkin spice in case the grocery store is out. (I know this need from experience) It even explains something I always seem to forget: how to properly set a table. I always get mixed up on what goes on which side of the plate. And, finally, my favorite: what to do with the LEFTOVERS!! Thanksgiving leftovers might even be better than the meal itself.

Download and print all these charts right now so that this will be the least stressful Thanksgiving yet:

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