Counting Down to Summer: Update Your Outdoor Spaces

Summer is almost here! Even though the season does not officially start until the second half of June, I have always thought of the season kicking off starting with Memorial Day. And I am fine with thinking about it that way because I am ready sooner and the season lasts longer that way. Since Memorial Day is next Monday, this week is the perfect time to start prepping all your outdoor spaces for the coming of summer and tons of outdoor entertaining. I can bet you that your outdoor spaces aren’t in tip top shape after winter time. If you clean and update your back yard now then you will be ready for all the barbeques, family gatherings, and relaxing evenings on the porch that you plan to have between June and August.

HGTV gathered up a great list of simple DIYs, hacks, and project ideas which can be used to prepare all your outdoor spaces for warm weather entertaining.

Freshen Up Interior and Exterior Spaces

Now is good time to clean up a little bit indoors as well. Get your guest room in order since summer is usually the time that it may be used! Additionally, wipe down all the outdoor furniture which likely desperately need a good scrubbing after all the rain we’ve had this year.

Mosquito Proof Your Yard

There are tons of ways to minimize the number of mosquitos that bother you on summer nights. Some include homemade or store bought citronella candles and certain plants or herbs like marigolds, lavender, lemon balm, and basil. For some more good ideas, check here: .

Add Fun Lighting

Adding string lights to your back yard is probably the easiest way to add a whole lot of charm and character to your outdoor entertaining spaces. Hanging some lights up also encourages guests to stay outside longer which is great if you aren’t as keen on entertaining indoors.


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