Gift Baskets for Food Lovers

Brown Woven Basket Beside Clear Bottle on White Table ClotheAs we get older, we find it harder and harder to buy for those family members who tell us they don’t want anything for Christmas. Whether it’s a sister, friend, or parent, these gift baskets could help answer your gift-giving struggles.

1. New Chef

If you know someone who’s just gotten a new home or apartment, getting them a gift with the cooking essentials could save them on dinner nights. Create a cute basket with all the basic tools, gadgets, spices and gourmet condiments a new home owner might need.

2. DIYer

Know someone who loves to tackle projects? Find a basket made of mesh, chicken wire, or a galvanized metal. Pick some vintage-inspired tools, gadgets, and include protein and carb-filled foods to keep them working hard on their projects.

3. Baker

Support your friendly baker with chef-quality ingredients to help them with their baking passion. Pick a fan favorite baking item: pancakes, cupcakes, cake, pie. In their basket, include the mix topped with condiments and tools to perfect their dish.

4. Entertainer

This basket is perfect for someone who enjoys having company. Add glass containers with a bunch of finger food desserts. Provide different cookies, popcorns, and pretzels in decorative snack bags to add a little character to the basket.

5. Film Buff

This is the perfect gift for a stay-at-home movie night or for those who like to go see movies in the theatres. Pack the basket with sweets, snacks, or gift cards and purse-sized snacks for a night at the movie.

6. Tea or Coffee Enthusiast

A basket for the coffee or tea lover in your life can help with variety for a gift. Either choose a full tea cup set or a single cup, and add any gourmet ingredients, coffee, or tea bags to give them a variety of options.

7. Wine or Beer Connoisseur

Use a picnic basket as your choice to wrap it and pick a favorite wine or beer for your friend/ family to try. Pair it with the appropriate snacks like flavored nuts, crackers, or cheeses.

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