Median House Price in San Diego at $415,000

In August, San Diego’s median housing price stood at $415,000. According to data by the San Diego Business Journal, this rate is a minor $2,000 decrease from July. However, this is much higher than the median price in Southern California.

Since August 2012, throughout the Southern California region, the median has risen 24.6 percent up to $385,000. This has been the highest in the entire region for about an August median in about seven years according to the San Diego Business Journal.

The median in August 2012 was $345,250 with San Diego Realtors selling to 3,981 residents according to

San Diego real estate sales in August were up three percent from the prior year’s sales volume, as San Diego realtors provided homes for 4,099 residents as stated by

Selling the most in San Diego real estate in July was in North County Inland providing homes for 873 residents.

The median sale price still remains steady with Southern California on a month-to-month basis, however the year-to-year numbers tend to move at a sharper increase in median house according to

San Diego real estate sales in the $300,000-800,000 market, increased 31 percent this year in the Southern California region. Most of these buyers were move-up buyers. Homes that ranged in price for $500,000 and higher, moved to a shocking 49 percent in from August 2012’s numbers according to the San Diego Business Journal.

If the increase is half as much as 2012’s jump, at a 10 percent, the median price could jump to over $550,000, according to’s finance calculator.

By Linda Moore

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