Happy Cat in a Happy Home

During Coldwell Banker’s National Pet Adoption Weekend, dogs aren’t the only animals you can provide a forever home with. There are also cats available, especially after the Rancho Coastal Humane Society rescued hundreds of pets from the wakes of Hurricane Harvey. Here are some amazing tips for housing a cat.

1. Play with cat

Cats love to mimic hunting. Purchase some interactive toys that mimic prey and imitate how a prey would interact. When play time is over, make sure to end it with your cat capturing the prey.

2. The Scooping

Scooping at least once a day not only helps keep the litterbox fresh, but it allows you to keep track of any changes in their waste habits. If you do notice a change, contact your veterinarian.

3. Odor control

Cats tend to be put off by scented litter, and any air fresheners or deodorizers near the letterbox (especially citrus scent). To reduce the odor, scoop the litterbox twice daily and put a small layer of baking soda in the bottom of the box.

4. Multiple cats

If you are adding to a growing cat family, adding more litterboxes is important. A common rule of thumb is that you should have one litterbox per cat and then one extra.

5. Room with a view

Watching birds and squirrels outside is an enjoyable relaxation time for cats. Clear a ledge by a window for your cat and put a bird feeder outside.

6. Scratching

To keep cats from destroying the rugs and furniture, consider purchasing both horizontal and vertical scratch posts. The vertical post should be at least 3 feet tall and sturdy. Choose natural fibers like burlap and sisal. The best place to put the posts are near favorite nap locations so they don’t immediately go for the furniture.

7. Timid

Your new cat may need some time to adjust to your home. Designating a room for them to get adjust to can help them have a safe place to hide when they are overwhelmed.

8. Night owl

Cats are known to sleep all day and party all night. You can change their schedules by interacting with them throughout the day with active toys and play time, especially right before you want them to go to bed.

9. Safety

Cats have an average life span of 15-18 years for indoor-only. Ensure their safety with your family by designating them for indoors and providing the proper care.

10. Household items

Just like children, cats tend to play with items that cost you nothing but normally aren’t the toys you buy them. They love cardboard, so leaving empty boxes for them of different sizes can be entertaining. You can also use empty paper towel rolls and hide treats inside.


The Home for Dogs adoption event is tomorrow from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society! I hope you are able to make it whether it be to donate some items or add another member to your family. Their address is 389 Requeza St., Encinitas CA. If you need to call them, their number is 760-635-4249. Coldwell Banker hopes to see you there!

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