Home Values in Encinitas

It’s no secret that the housing market is changing. The shift in the market has affected the prices of homes all across the nation! Home values are soaring in some areas, including California. Encinitas is no stranger to high home values- but how much have these values changes? Within California, the prices of homes have increased over 20% in the past few years. Let’s take a closer look at the average home price in Encinitas, and what that means for the future.

2022 Home Values in Encinitas

Encinitas is a beautiful place to live, with many restaurants, beach views, and a great downtown area. Located in the Southern part of California, it makes sense that the area is expensive to live in!  

Over 58 homes sold in Encinitas last year. The average sale price for a home in Encinitas in 2021 was over 2 million! The average home in Encinitas only lasted around 9 days on the market. That is incredibly different than the average a few years ago. Home prices are up over 36% in Encinitas! 

How Competitive is the Housing Market in Encinitas?

Looking to move to the Encinitas area? The housing market is fairly competitive! Redfin gives it a score of 86, which means that the area is highly competitive. In order to get an offer to stick in this area, you need an experienced Realtor that knows both the market and the town well. That’s where Linda Moore comes in! With over 32 years of experience in this industry and a resident of the Encinitas area, you can trust that she has the knowledge to get the job done. 

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