Oceanside Home Values in 2022

Looking to move to the beautiful town of Oceanside? It is growing! In the past year, real estate sales in Southern California have increased. While the number of sales are declining this year, it is still a popular place to live. But, if you are looking to change things up and move to a new town, you may have some questions about the real estate market and the home values of that neighborhood.

Luckily, Linda Moore has been in the business for over 30 years. With this experience in Southern California, you’ll find unmatched knowledge of the area! Take a closer look at the home values of  Oceanside. 

2022 Oceanside Home Values

Oceanside is a great town filled with beautiful views, nice restaurants, and great neighborhoods. But, what is the average home value? It is no secret that the seller’s market has shook things up and increased the value of many homes in California.

In May of 2022, Redfin reports that home prices in Oceanside have rose over 24% in comparison to 2021.  The average home is selling for just over $800,000. On average, homes will only last around 9 days on the market in Oceanside. Redfin also reports that this specific town and market are HIGHLY competitive. If you are going to move to this town, you’ll need an experienced Realtor that knows the area and market well.

Choose a Realtor in Oceanside that is on Your Side

Looking for a Realtor in Oceanside that can navigate the area? Look no further than Linda Moore! While this housing market in Oceanside is highly competitive, it is not impossible to find your dream home. 

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