The Housing Differences in Red and Blue States

Election day is not too far off and I think everyone, on both sides, would agree that this election is a particularly huge deal. It is a very contentious time in our country and we can see it in the strong sentiments of either love or hate directed at each candidate. It is amazing that within one country we can have such a huge divide. The Chief Economist of Jonathan Smoke says that “it speaks to the diversity that is America. It’s really tough to see that there’s any one candidate who could appeal to all Americans. We reflect the cultures and the way of living from where we come from.”

It was this idea that led to do some research on some of the housing patterns based off of the state’s political leaning. They look into and ask questions such as “how folks in blue, red, and swing states actually live.” They did their research and came up with some interesting results. Hawaii, a blue state, has the most expensive homes. Red states have higher percentages of homeowners overall. Rent is extremely high in blue states at an average of $1,381 while in red states it is only $904. Red states tend to have the largest homes. And the blue state of California has the most solar panels.

Check out the full article to find out all the other interesting stuff they discovered. It’s amazing because, as Jonathan Smoke says in the article, it is “a perfect statement of why there are such differences politically between red and blue states. The way of life is clearly different between the two.”

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