The Kitchen Countertop for You

apartment, architecture, cabinetsGranite
Price: $60-$100 per square foot

Pros – Granite is one of the most popular kitchen features, often part of the top 10 most desirable among builders. They are made from a naturally occurring composite of quartz, mica, and feldspar, they are hard and resistant to scratches.

Cons – They are more on the expensive side. Since it is a natural stone, you will need to treat it with a stone sealer regularly. If you get a chip in the countertop, it’s difficult to repair.

Price: $10-$40 per square foot

Pros – Formica, which is another name for laminate, is a brand name for a combination of paper and resin that’s bonded together with a high heat and pressure. They’re cheaper than stone, and you can find a variety that mimics the wood look or design of expensive stone.

Cons – Since they’re inexpensive, you’ll get what you pay for. It can be easily scratched and chipped, and they don’t stand the test of time.

Price: $40-$65 per square foot

Pros – Corian countertops are a fusion of acrylics and polyesters. It is made in many different colors to look like natural stone, they are nonporous and easy to clean.

Cons – It scratches more easily than stone and can be less resistant to heat. A hot pot on the counter can cause it to warp.

Price: $100-$150 per square foot

Pros – Marble is straight from the ground and makes for a gleaming surface, adding polish to your home. They go well with any décor.

Cons – Since marble is porous, these countertops are very high maintenance which require sealing every few years. They can also chip and stain easily with just a few drops of wine or acidic liquid etching the surface.

Butcher block
Price: $45-$100 per square foot

Pros – Just another name for thick, fancy wood, using this renewable resource for your counters could be a hit. It’s sustainable and offers a rustic feel.

Cons ­– Wood is also very high maintenance. If you don’t reseal them every six months, mold and bacteria can slip into the cracks which would require entire countertop replacement. Upkeep lowers the resale value since buyers can be turned off by the hard work.

Price: $75-$100 per square foot

Pros – These counters are engineered stone which means they’re created in a factory. It can be harder, but it also requires less maintenance than natural stone. It’s nonporous, which makes It stain resistant, and it can be cleaned with mild dish soap and water.

Cons – Putting hot pots on the counter can cause discoloration. Quartz is resistant to chips and scratches, but you can call a professional to fix it if it does happen.

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