Best Purchases Made for a New House

An area rug

Sometimes, it only takes one item to complete a room. An area rug can add a specific vibe to the room. It acts as a frame for the furniture, and can separate the room into sections.

The perfect wallpaper

Bathrooms or other small places are a great location for wallpaper. It can have a bigger impact on a room than paint sometimes. When used in small spaces or even on one wall, it can give a normally bland or simple room a lot of character.

Floor-to-ceiling linen curtains

Simple and cheaper curtains like linen are a huge trend right now. Since they’re linen, they are 100% washable. Elaborate drapes are out, making a room seem aged and hang heavily around the windows.

Keurig coffee maker

These machines are an innovative and hot item for kitchens. They are typically inexpensive, and they are known to be a quick solution for coffee. It makes single cups of coffee which is perfect if you have busy mornings. It saves you money and time.

Cozy wood stove

You can install a wood stove where a fireplace was located. It adds a cozy comfort to your home and provides more heat than a fireplace. In the end, it can also improve your resale value when or if you decide to sell your home.

Dining table

Your dining room table can be the heart of a home. It’s where family memories can be made and where families come together. It can serve as a table and bring multiple entertainment uses.

Glass shelves

If you need a place to store makeup, hair care, perfume, or extra soap for guests, putting glass shelves in your bathroom on an empty wall is the choice to make. You can make your storage fun, functional, and attractive.

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