Quick DIY Ideas for your Kitchen Backsplash

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The backsplash in your kitchen is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make your home stand out. Whether it be a new color detail, or a backsplash change, a DIY project can make all the difference to your home! While the DIY backsplash projects are quick and easy, they also are very inexpensive ways to spruce up your kitchen.

Here are a few quick DIY ideas that will make your kitchen and your budget happy:

Peel and Stick Patterns

While wallpaper is not something that contemporarily fits in the kitchen, this product may change your thinking! There are floral, geometric, lattice, or speckled wallpaper patterns that can grab your eye and add a pop of color to your kitchen. This is probably the most inexpensive and easy way to transform your kitchen backsplash! All you will need to do is measure, cut, peel, and stick. When choosing a color, either make sure to choose a complimentary color, or one that pops without clashing!

Mosaic Patterns

If you have any extra mason jars laying around, this is the project for you! Simply take a glass friendly dye with the color of your choice and dye the inside of the jars. Once they have dried, break them with a hammer into various pieces. The sizes should be different, as it will add to the mosaic pattern. Using tile adhesive and glass safe gloves, carefully place them to your wall and allow them to dry. Once they have set, grout the backsplash and polish the glass!

Get Rid of Your Old Wine Corks

Do you have a stash of wine corks waiting to be used? Your kitchen backsplash is the perfect setting for them! If you do not have enough corks for the wall, feel free to reach out to family or friends for their extras. Simply take all of the corks and cut them in half vertically. Then, adhere them to a template board. This board can be made of plywood, or any other sturdy material, but make sure that you have measured them ahead of time. This backsplash can add a little bit of texture and dimension to the room, especially if you have contrasting colors already there.

Stencil Patterns and Paint

Another way to spice up your kitchen is through pre-made stencils and paint! It is a perfect way to add a tiny bit of flair to your kitchen without being overstated. When choosing the right stencil for your backsplash, it is important to choose a stencil and color that will fit your kitchen aesthetic. You can purchase ready-made stencils or choose a custom one online. Stenciling is done by taking the pattern up at the wall and simply painting over it. Paint one small area at a time and work forward! It can add just the right amount of color to any room.

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