5 Staging Tips and Tricks

Staging your home can be tough! When you need to sell your home, staging is one of the most important steps. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it easier on you:

1. Invest in The Right Accessories: A few accessories can really change your space! Consider adding a few pillows to your couch or a clock on the wall to really add to what the space has to offer.

2. Find a Few Plants: A few healthy plants can also help with the staging process! Just add a couple in your home and place them in corners of the rooms to give your space a new feel.

3. Get Rid of Clutter: Clutter in your home can take away from the space and make it seem smaller. When staging your home, make sure the clutter is not in sight and is put away.

4. No Personalized Items: While wedding photos are beautiful, they do not belong in a staged space! Keep personalized items away or in storage while you are staging your home.

5. Keep it Clean: As hard as it is to keep your house clean, it is a necessary part of the staging process. Try to clean a little bit at a time as the day goes on to make sure it looks spotless for the walk-throughs! 

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