The Rancho Bernardo Country Club in Encinitas

Golfing is an amazing pastime that is shared by Americans from all walks of life. Many people view it as a game of mental concentration and endurance rather than a physically exhausting and tiring sport. It is a game that does not need to be mastered to enjoyed; every game can be enjoyed. The variety of golf courses in Southern California is enormous and the cost to play in each can differ tremendously. No matter what your course of choice is, a game of golf in California involves being out doors and enjoying life!

Any home in Encinitas, San Diego, Del Mar, or any surrounding area is near awesome golfing. Some people choose to spend a good portion of money to join a local country club whereas others are satisfied with golfing at public courses or as guests at private country clubs. Many people join country clubs for different reasons. For one, country clubs serve as social outlets and enable people to network with others in a unique setting.

The Rancho Bernardo Country Club is just East of Encinitas and only a short drive from homes in Del Mar. It is a private golf course that offers different membership options. Throughout the season, the Rancho Bernardo Country Club is host to several tournaments and competitions that enable non members to enjoy the spectacular course.

Not everyone feels it is necessary to join a country club. There are many local courses that are awesome and offer professional class golfing. Be sure to check back here for more information on golfing in Encinitas and surrounding areas!


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