San Diego Women’s March 2018

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Last year in protest to the elections, the first annual Women’s March ensued across the entire nation from coast-to-coast. Now, a year after the first march, the 2nd annual Women’s March will be taking place across the country once again. This year, still in protest of last year’s elections, those participating plan to bring attention to this year’s 2018 elections to “magnify the work being done by community organizations to turn out the vote” (Women’s March San Diego).

In light of the elections from last year and the more recent #MeToo revolution against sexual harassment, the theme for marches across the country will be “Power to the Polls”. This will allow registration polls to be at the end of ever march.

Tomorrow, across the US, women will march to be heard and to spark passion within others to make a difference. In San Diego, the 2nd Annual Women’s March – Hear our Vote, will take place at the Waterfront Park on the west side. It’ll start at 10:00 AM and go until approximately 1:00 PM. The program includes speakers like:

  • Senator Toni Atkins
  • Elder Nancy Nagle of the Santa Ysabel Kumeyaay Nation
  • Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez
  • Skyer McCurine, MC
  • Congresswoman Susan Davis
  • Rabbi Laurie Coskey
  • Assembly Shirley Weber
  • Vanessa McCullers of Moms of Black Boys United
  • And more!

Like last year, there will be a performance of songs by the San Diego Women’s Chorus to use the power of song to bring people together.

For a point of reference, the march will be a total of 1.29 miles, meeting up at the Waterfront Park. The march will start at the corner of N Harbor Dr and W Ash St by the Star of India, going south until you are around the corner and get to the corner on Pacific Hwy. Once there, you’ll head north on Pacific Hwy until you end of on the corner of W Ash St.

For more information on the march, visit the Women’s March of San Diego, or the Women’s March website.

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