Encinitas Schools

Encinitas is known for beautiful views, great restaurants, and excellent shopping in the downtown area. But, what are the Encinitas schools like? What are the local school districts like? This can make or break your decision to move to the city of Encinitas, especially if you have a family or are looking to start one.

Take a closer look at a rundown of the Encinitas school districts, and why that should be important to you if you are considering moving to the area. 

Encinitas School Districts

According to the new national ranking by U.S. News and World Report, an Encinitas high school was ranked among the top schools in California! This report states that San Dieguito High Academy in Encinitas was ranked No. 162 in California and No. 1,122 nationally. According to this report, the school has a 98% graduation rate. This is an incredible high school that cares about their students and furthering their educations.

Why Do School Districts Matter if You are Moving To Encinitas? 

Are you considering the move to Encinitas? Not only will you be impressed by the beautiful ocean views, but you may find that the restaurants and people are incredible. 
The #1  Realtor in Encinitas is ready to help you! But, why do school districts matter? Here are a few reasons:
  • Home Value: If you decide to move to Encinitas and sell your house in the future, the quality of your local school districts matter. The better they are, the more valuable your home may be if you decide to sell.
  • A Better Future: Additionally, if you are moving to Encinitas with your family, you want your children to have the best future possible. This means enrolling your children into schools that are ranked top in California! 

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