Selling Your Home Successfully


Every seller wants to gain an edge in today’s competitive real estate market. Here are some suggestions on how to present an irresistible home.

It’s All About Aesthetics

To enhance “curb appeal”, make sure you have all the bases covered before even thinking about placing your home on the market. This includes fresh landscaping, power-washing the deck, painting the front door, even replacing the welcome mat. People notice the details, especially when it’s such a significant life investment. First impressions are everything in real estate, so it’s important to set a positive tone before they even walk in the door.

A Spotless Interior

A flawless interior is an equally important part of capturing the attention of potential buyers. Place a fresh coat of paint on the walls, keeping current color trends in mind while also making sure the ones you choose complement each other nicely. Remove unnecessary furniture, such as end tables or area rugs, in order to make each room appear as spacious as possible.

Remember, you want to present a house that people can see themselves living in—for example, adding small flower vases can help bring life into an empty house. However, you also want to avoid having too many personal effects around the house, so take down family photos and anything remotely political or religious, which may put off prospective buyers. You may also want to hide cleaning supplies and tools far out of sight.

Another no-no is leaving your pets in the house—those with allergies (or the rare few who dislike animals) may be completely turned off to see an animal in the house.

Be Flexible About Showings

In order to have the best chance at selling fast, you’ll need to clear up your schedule as much as possible so that more people can see your home. The perfect buyers may end up being that couple who called with an hour’s notice while you were out or didn’t have your phone on you. Be ready to show your home at a moment’s notice, and you’ll probably have more offers to choose from.

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