When Staging Carlsbad Home Don’t Forget the Garage

When staging your home for sale in Carlsbad, don’t forget to make sure that you properly stage the garage as well.

The last thing you want to have happen when you are trying to sell your home in Carlsbad is to go through all of the hard work of properly staging the interior of your home, cleaning the exterior, and landscaping your yard only to show your garage to a prospective buyer and have it be a complete mess, where you have dumped all of your clutter. Follow these steps to make sure that your garage is properly staged to help sell your home.

How to Declutter Your Garage

When you are decluttering your garage here are a few areas that you should remember to focus on.

  • Identify all of the items that you don’t need anymore and have a garage sale. The items that you can’t sell you can donate to charity.
  • Use storage systems to help manage any potential clutter. Whether you have cabinets, shelving, or storage bins, make sure that any loose items are properly stored.
  • Using large, heavy-duty hooks to hang up items such as bicycles, toys, garden equipment, or other sporting goods and eliminate the amount of space they take up on the floor of the garage.
  • Properly cleaning is essential to staging, so make sure that you scrub the floors, dust walls and corners, and, if necessary, consider painting if the area still needs sprucing up after a cleaning.

For further assistance in properly staging your Carlsbad home for sale consult a Realtor in Carlsbad.

By Linda Moore

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