Winchester Mystery House

If you have the opportunity, touring the Winchester Mystery House is a California relic you can’t miss out on. In San Jose, the Winchester Mystery House was designed by none other than the widow of the wealthy gun magnate who transformed this 8-bedroom farmhouse into a 160-room mansion with bizarre features.

It is said that the spirits of people killed by her husband’s creations haunted her, so she created the house to confuse the spirits and trap them. Some say she held seances for ghosts to tell her how to build the home. There are many interesting mysteries and curiosities that are featured in their tours, while some are hidden from the public.

  • $25,000 Room – Displays fine artisan windows Mrs. Winchester purchased for $25,000 ($350,000 today), but now they are worth millions.
  • Séance Room – Near the center of the house, she would communicate nightly with spirits about the design of the house. It has one entrance and 3 exits.
  • Grand Ballroom – Built almost entirely without nails, it cost of $9,000 ($125,600 today) when it only cost $1,000 to build an entire house during that time.
  • Crystal Bedroom – The wallpaper had been encrusted with crushed mica to make the paper sparkle in the light. Closed to the public to slow deterioration of the walls.
  • Doorway to Nowhere – Located on the second floor near the Daisy Room, a door opens directly to a two-story drop and no one know why.
  • Staircase to Ceiling – A small set of stairs leads right to the ceiling, along with other odd stairs in the house.
  • The Number “13” – Windows have 13 panes, 13 bathrooms each with a window (13), 13 steps on many stairways, 13 ceiling panels, and a will from Mrs. Winchester divided into 13 parts and signed 13 times.
  • 7-11 Staircase – Built in the shape of a “Y”, servants could get to 3 levels of the house. One set has seven stairs while the other two have 11, all with different destinations.

It should be no surprise that the house brings paranormal activity if Sarah Winchester held seances and was haunted by the dead. Those who work say its playful haunting, but you can see for yourself!

Mansion Tour

See 100 rooms and hear the story of Sarah Winchester.

Length: 1:05
Cost: $20-$37

Explore More Tour

View rooms and spaces that have never been seen, or that aren’t allowed on the simpler tour.

Length: 2:15
Cost: $20-$47

Hallowe’en Candlelight Tour

Come at night and see the house tour, led by a tour guide by candlelight. Costumes encouraged and tickets sell fast.

Length: 1:05
Cost (Oct. 18-22, 25-31): $20-$49

Keep a lookout for the motion picture coming out in February of 2018!

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