Gems Hidden at Estate Sales

1. Solid wood pieces

This is the number one item to search for at estate sales. It’s hard to find quality wood pieces today because most are made with junky veneers. Good joinery is made from walnut, cherry, or olive wood. The quality of the wood can be determined by its weight: the heavier it is, the better quality.

2. Wingback/club chairs

If you find upholstered wingback or club chairs, you should grab them while you can. You might think of the chairs from childhood or any country/golf club, but these chairs can be easily updated with new fabric and stuffing. The best leather wingback and club chairs will show distress, but they won’t be cracking or peeling.

3. Silver platters

Silver platters are a versatile decorative item and give the home and old-world glam. They are normally inexpensive, so it’s okay when they are stained or tarnished. It’s rather simple to fix that. They are best when used for candles or even plants, while some people use them in their bathroom as decoration for toiletries.

4. Leather-bound books

If you need cheap but decorative books to fill your empty spaces on your bookshelves, leather-bound books are a great set to add in an office or home. They are a good vintage addition, and they’re typically in great condition because they’re never used that much.

5. Wrought iron

This can fit any home as it gives your room an “expensive” and “timeless” look. Similar to wood, it’s hard to find any good, solid wrought iron pieces without them being hollow. Good wrought iron will also be heavier the better quality is it. Hand-forged are always better than a hollowed core.

6. Vintage accents

Tabletop gems are a great way to add decoration throughout your house without crowding the table: colored bottles with unique shapes, graphic tin cans, antique boxes, or gilded, embossed, or engraved items. Arrange them by mirrors adds color and pop. Another vintage accent to look for could be misc. candlesticks.

7. Oriental rugs

Well-made vintage rugs are better than newer ones made with machinery. Rugs that are handwoven from wool and silk have greater value than those also made with machines. Make sure you find one that isn’t too faded or has been overexposed to zealous vacuuming.

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