Bee Population Decline in Encinitas: How Can You Help?

Source: Trezizi/Deviantart via Psychology Today

The uniform decrease in the worldwide bee population is well known by now. According to environmental experts, the decline is approaching crisis levels. The consequences are more severe than many people understand. Bees play an instrumental role in our ecosystem. They actively pollinate many fruits and flowers, and their contributions to a healthy environment cannot be discounted. In fact, many ecological professionals assert that humans could not survive without bees.

Encinitas is one of the many areas across the globe affected by the declining bee population. The colorful city is home to rich, diverse floral life – none of which could survive without bees. Beekeepers, environmentalists, and ecologically conscious political activists are fighting to save the bees, but it isn’t enough. The widespread use of harsh pesticides is devastating to the species. Systematic pesticides (notably neonicotinoids) are alarming agents of honeybee genocide. Plus, more and more natural habitats are destroyed and replaced by commercial and residential developments.

The owner of the Encinitas Bee Company, James McDonald, issued a call to action via The Coast News. He explains how people like you and me can help save the bee population and contribute to a healthy environment without altering our daily lives. He offers a simple summary:

“Avoid chemicals, put out bee houses, and plant drought-resistant plants”.

Many experts cite growing local plants as a simple way to promote a rich environment. Check out this page for a selection of plants native to the region that can help restore healthy natural habitats promoting bee life. Who knows – beautiful native gardens might even bolster your property value!


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