Thanksgiving in the States

What are the favorite dishes of Thanksgiving across the US?

Alabama: Southern Red Velvet Cake

A Southern favorite with a triple-layer rendition.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Alaska: Classic Cheesecake

No doubt it’s a coast to coast American favorite, the cheesecake is highly ranked in our 49th state.

(Photo: Food Network)

Arizona: World’s Simplest Turkey

A no-fuss turkey requires little attention for a warm November in Arizona.

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Arkansas: Turkey Spaghetti

Those in Arkansas have bigger plans for the day-after-Thanksgiving meals.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

California: Oven-Baked Salmon

In our very own home, who needs a turkey when you’re right next to the Pacific Northwest’s schools of seafood.

(Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela – Food Network)

Colorado: Glazed Ham

A little glazed ham with your turkey never hurt anyone!

(Photo: Levi Brown – Food Network)

Connecticut: Shepherd’s Pie

Perhaps this is another day-after favorite with leftover mashed potatoes.

(Photo: Food Network)

Delaware: Slow-Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

Residents of Delaware pull out the slow cookers to make the perfect Thanksgiving side dish.

(Photo: Marshall Troy – Food Network)

District of Columbia: Oyster Stuffing

With prime proximity to the East Coast, our capital favors a rendition to their cornbread stuffing.

(Photo: Alice Gao – Food Network)

Florida: Deep-Fried Turkey

Everyone should try deep frying their turkey once in a while.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Georgia: Sweet Potato Soufflé

Sweet potato crops thrive in the warm weather, so Georgia gravitates to this casserole.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Hawaii: Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This recipe is packed with 6 cloves of garlic, but who’s complaining?

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Idaho: The Baked Potato

A vegetable synonymous with this state, they are in search of the perfect baked potato.

(Photo: Tara Donne – Food Network)

Illinois: Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole

In the Land of Lincoln, this is the perfect breakfast to start this festive day.

(Photo: Renee Comet – Food Network)

Indiana: Corn Pudding

This creamy casserole lets you make room for corn on Thanksgiving.

(Photo Jamie Kimm & Marina Malchin – Food Network)

Iowa: Pumpkin Bars

What a great alternative to the pumpkin pie!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Kansas: Cranberry Salad

A gelatin mold packed with cranberries, add this retro dish to your spread.

(Photo: Alice Gao – Food Network)

Kentucky: Leftover Turkey Chili

Leftovers from Thanksgiving are sometimes the best part!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Louisiana: Shrimp-Stuffed Mirliton

Also known as chayote in Mexico, this dish gets an upgrade for Thanksgiving.

(Photo: Kate Mathis – Food Network)

Maine: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

You know a good cookie when you see one!

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Maryland: Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin pie could have some competition this year.

(Photo: Matt Armendariz – Food Network)

Massachusetts: Caramelized Butternut Squash

People from New England enjoy this simple yet delicious side dish.

(Photo: Tarra Donne – Food Network)

Michigan: Green Bean Casserole

Such a classic and ultimate comfort food casserole!

(Photo: Tarra Donne – Food Network)

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