6 Things New Homeowners Always Forget to Do

1. Check the Plumbing Inspect each toilet, under-sink plumbing, faucets, and visible pipes to make sure there are no leaks. If you find any, get it fixed right away—wasted water means wasted money. 2. Find the Fuse or Breaker Box These are generally located in the basement or the garage of a house, and sometimes in the closet or laundry …

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Tips for Home Buyers in Encinitas: The Walk–Through

Here are some helpful tips when you go on the walk-through, a part of the home buying process when you and your buyer’s agent explore your home-to-be and check to make sure it is in the condition specified in your contract. When to Schedule Your Walk-Through Most often the walk-through should take place within 24 hours of your closing so …

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Understanding Short Sales

In my continuing series dealing with real estate tips for home sellers, I would like to focus on the dilemma facing many homeowners with delinquencies in their mortgage payments. While this topic used to be laden with stigma, it is now becoming quite commonplace and homeowners are looking towards short sales as an alternative to foreclosure. Navigating the waters of …

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