Total Cost of Hiring a Realtor

The Cost of a Realtor Pays off in the End

The prospect of buying or selling a home is an exciting one, full of new opportunities. But there are practicalities involved that can turn this dream into a stressful reality. A home sale transaction deals with large sums of money, which can be tricky to navigate without a real estate professional.

Hiring a real estate agent can not only save you time and unnecessary headaches, it may also save you money down the road by ensuring that no mistakes are made when handling all the big costs.

Sure, you could technically sell or buy a home by yourself, but don’t expect to cut costs significantly this way. Having an experienced professional guide you through the tricky agreements is not only worth it, but could save you money in the end.

Learn why hiring a real estate agent is an excellent decision to make when buying or selling property, and how much you can expect to spend overall.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Real Estate Agent?

If you’re like the 88% of Americans who choose to work with an agent, there are costs involved with hiring these professionals during your home purchase or sale. Real estate agents work differently than other hired professionals– instead of working billable hours, they take a commission cut from the sale of the house, which usually ends up being about 6% of the total price.

This commission is also usually split between the two agents involved in the transaction– the buyer and seller’s realtors. So in the end, each receives about 3% of the home sale. Depending on how much the property is selling for, a realtor’s commission can end up being a nice amount of money!

Hiring an agent to help you buy or sell a home can be great because the realtor has a big incentive to make sure you get an incredible deal either way! Their payment is affected by whether or not they do a good job.

What Services Does a Realtor Provide With the Commission?

There is a ton of work that goes into buying or selling property, and hired real estate agents are in charge or covering everything. Sellers agents will show you how to stage your house correctly so it will look attractive to potential buyers, and make sure it’s on the market for the appropriate price compared to houses in the area.

They will also make sure tons of buyers can see your home for sale by placing it on multiple listing services (MLS). Exposure is crucial when selling a home, and this can ensure that you get the best price within a short amount of time.

Buyer’s agents will study the homes where you plan to live and find listings that match your needs within the price range you’ve chosen. They can also help you organize a home inspection on the potential property to make sure there aren’t hidden damages and you’re paying a fair price.

Save Time and Money With a Good Realtor

With a good realtor, you can expect someone that is highly knowledgeable of the housing market, can educate you on the best practices, and represent you throughout the sale to ensure your best interests are kept in mind. If you’re interested in finding a real estate agent in Encinitas for an upcoming home purchase or sale, contact Linda Moore today!

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