10 Lovely Home Decor Ideas for Fall

leaf on ground

The seasons are changing and autumn is practically here! Brighten up any room with rich reds and bright oranges while incorporating natural elements to create a cozy room.

Bring the warmth and joy of the season into your home with these 10 lovely home décor ideas for fall.

Fall Home Décor Ideas for Your Table

  • Cranberry Branch Jars

Add some cranberry branches to a clear mason jar for an easy and stylish table decoration. Wrap a lovely ribbon around the stem of the Mason jar for even more personality.

  • Cinnamon Candles

Get some wide white candles in varying heights and some cinnamon sticks. Vertically wrap the cinnamon sticks around each candle and hold in place with twine. Your candles are now aromatic and eye-catching!

  • Pumpkin Tower

Clear containers are so versatile! Create the look of a lovely vertical pumpkin tower by filling a cylindrical vase with mini pumpkins and leaves. Stay traditional with orange pumpkins or paint them for a colorful personalized look.

  • Fall Leaf Candles

If you already have some candles, you can easily make them more festive! Get some color changed leaves from outside and wrap them around the candle with some twine. You now have fall themed candles!

  • Floral Milk Can

If you love farmhouse chic décor, you will love this floral arrangement! All you have to do is fill a milk can with seasonal jewel tone flowers. Choose artificial or fresh dahlias, mums, sunflowers, or marigolds!

Fall Home Décor Ideas for Your Walls

  • Marigold Wreath

To start, create a wreath using branches or vines or buy a premade one. Decorate the wreath with fresh marigold flowers using hot glue. The flowers will slowly dry overtime and compliment the changing season!

  • Pressed Leaf Art

Bring the beauty of nature inside your home! Press some large fall colored leaves and gather some simple frames. When the leaves are dry and pressed, display them in the middle of the frame and write down the scientific name for each leaf on the glass using a marker.

  • Tassel Garland

For an adorable fall garland, get various tassels in fall colors. You can use various shades of browns, oranges, and reds depending on the look you want to create. Tie them together on a string and hang them over the mantle or a doorway.

  • Wood Panel Art

You can easily create lovely wall art by painting fall themed sayings or words onto a wooden panel. You could decoratively paint “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” or It’s Fall Ya’ll.”

  • Framed Fabric Art

There are so many decorative types of fabric at the craft store. You can easily find fabric with fall typography art or pumpkins. Display a piece of decorative fabric inside a frame for an easy and hassle-free décor idea!

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