Under $100 DIY Transformation: Painting a “Half” Wall

When painting a room, the color and coordination of colors can make or break the feeling in a room. Even the style or pattern you add to your painting can alter the way someone looks at the room. A more modern look for painting is only covering parts of the wall, or “half” wall painting. To open up your room or give your house a modern vibe, here are some ideas for painting.

Halfway up the wall

When you paint hallway up the wall, you can paint to whatever height you want. If you stop above the eye level, you make the color stand out while stopping below the eye level will make the room airy and open.

Straight Across

Ignore any architectural features that would normally be in the way of painting and paint over it. If you paint hallway up the wall, follow along the closets and doors to paint halfway. This will give your home a modern edge.

Dynamic diagonals

Having diagonal lines for your walls can set off a more energetic or playful vibe. Our brains tend to perceive diagonal lines as such, so your room will appear more fun.

Tall spaces and staircases

For higher ceilings or staircases, half wall helps the area feel more grounded and less overwhelming with one specific color.

Faux headboard

If you don’t have a headboard, you can paint one! Choose a paint that would match a trendy side table and put a headboard over the line.


Children love to draw on the walls, so why not give them a spot that is easier for you to clean? These can not only help the grown-ups communicate, but can entertain the children.

Continuous lines

If you have a colored tile in the bathroom halfway up the wall, continuing the same color scheme in paint across the drywall can add a sophisticated look to your powder room.

Faux backsplash

Another sophisticated look, painting hallway up the wall so that it comes just above the sink or toilet will act like a fake backsplash.

Painted baseboards

Instead of leaving your baseboards the same color as the wood floor or leaving them white, painting them with the wall color can give your room a modern statement.

Artistic framing

Painting a frame around a framed photo or painting makes the piece appear larger and makes it more noticeable. Fill up more wall space this way and have less hanging around.

There’s so much more you can do! Go to the original website to get even MORE tips:


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