Making the Best of Moving Day Stress


Moving into a new home is a transformational life experience. It’s exciting! A new chapter of your life is about to begin. But, like any major change or event, it is stressful, too. By the time the moving process begins, you know this all too well. Financing your home, perhaps selling your current home, reading through contracts, and on, and on… navigating the red tape is exhausting, even when you have a Coldwell Banker Real Estate agent at your side to ensure that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. Once you’re finally ready to pack up your belongings and make the big move, the most trying parts are over. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel that way.

For a smooth, successful move, there are simple steps you can take to make the process as painless as it can be. Feeling overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, and read’s advice for coping with moving stress. Remember – you’ve already made it this far, and your home sweet home awaits you.

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