12 Signs You Need to Move into a Bigger Place

You may have gotten used to living in a tiny space throughout your twenties but, perhaps, you have hit a time in your life where you no longer have the same capacity you used to have to live small. Over time and as you get older, you begin to accumulate more stuff that you don’t want to be rid of. At a certain point you need to upgrade and move into a larger home. Here are 12 signs from apartmenttherapy.com that perfectly encapsulate when you need to move on and move up:

  1. Empty wall space feels like an absolute luxury. Or perhaps another storage opportunity.
  2. You can’t open a drawer without something falling out. And you can’t close it again without careful maneuvering.
  3. You’re amazed to find some people’s closets have a purpose and a proper name. Like a pantry or a linen closet.
  4. You fantasize about finding an undiscovered empty cabinet somewhere.
  5. Your laundry basket is always full because your closet is too small to have all your clothes clean at the same time.
  6. All your furniture doubles as storage in some way or another. Like the oven slash shoe rack or the fridge turned make up holder.
  7. Your wardrobe is always in season because you don’t have room to hang up anything that isn’t.
  8. You consider ‘under the bed’ and ‘under the sofa’ to be legitimate storage units.
  9. Almost everything you own – from Christmas lights to frying pans – is on display in your home.
  10. You think that glass coffee tables are an absolute waste. There is no hidden storage = useless!
  11. Your ‘dinner table’ moonlights as a desk, mini bar, and a kitchen work station.
  12. Whether it’s a shoebox or a big soup pot, the odds are it it has a lid, it’s storing something inside it.


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