Cleaning Before Putting Your House on the Market

Prepping your house before going on the market is an extremely stressful process no matter how you slice it and one of the most anxiety-inducing parts, at least for some of my clients, is the cleaning. Of course, over the years you clean your home regularly but there are still long forgotten areas that sometimes even professional cleaners leave undone for long periods of time. However, cleaning all these areas in your house with a deep clean process can make a huge difference in what people think as they walk through your home during an open house. So, from my own experience, these are some of the most rejected areas of the home which need to be cleaned before you can really open up your home to the public:

  • The walls. If you are not repainting your walls on the interior of your home, they definitely need a solid wipe down and cleaning. Scrub off those scuff marks and wipe off all those hand prints or grease marks left by your kids sticky fingers.
  • Floor boards and crown molding. You need to wipe those down and sometimes scrub off some mold off the ones in the bathrooms and the rid the ones in the entryway of mud left my dirty shoes. These may do well with a good painting as well if you decide to repaint the walls.
  • Clean the insides of your coat closets and your pantries or linen closets, those have top shelves that almost always get overlooked. Make sure you get rid of all the dust that you can find in those hard to reach spaces and get rid of all the spiders!
  • Clean up the hard to reach places in the laundry room like behind the washer and dryer. Make sure there is no dryer fluff hanging around. I would advise that you even consider redoing the finishes on your washer and dryer or polishing the chrome surfaces!

Do you know of any other things that might be important to clean before you have an open house? Let me know in the comments below.

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