12 Ways to Make Any Room More Aesthetically Appealing

We definitely all marvel at the work interior designers do. No one can mimic them yet we all try. They are born with an innate sense of creativity that they have spent years honing in the art of space arranging and decoration. But there has to be some basic things that we can do, right? I found an article on Houzz that expounds upon this idea of interior design being an art form that doesn’t really have rules; rather it is about the whim and feelings of the designer. However, the article also claims that there are a few tried and true tricks that can make a room look “put together” whatever creative style you wish to implement. Here are the little tips and tricks that the interior designer Judith Taylor bestows upon us:

  •       “Pick the paint color last.”
  •       “Give your furniture some breathing room.”
  •       “Hang artwork at the right height.”
  •       “Know how to arrange furniture on a rug.”
  •       “Resist the urge to be too theme-y.”
  •       “Create a focal point.”
  •       “Consider sight lines.”
  •       “Edit your collectibles.”
  •       “Vary the scale.”
  •       “Be bold.”
  •       “Ignore all principles in favor of creativity.”

This time instead of summarizing each one I will direct you to read the explanations of each in the original article. This blog post would go on forever if I tried to cover each tip because she gives some great advice. Check it out below:

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