Helpful Information on Vacant Houses Near You

I found this post today reading House Logic about something that is a very relevant issue for owners of houses in Encinitas and throughout California.  It is information all about how you can strong arm your local government officials to take action and help clean up disastrous houses that are vacant and are lowering the value of your own home.  With so many people packing up their belongings and abandoning their homes because of the collapse of the housing market, there are many vacant homes across San Diego County and a few towns in California have become virtual ghost towns because of the housing market crash.

If one of your neighbors has left their home and the house is now vacant, read over this article from House Logic and see if you can do anything with your local government to try and make the vacant house still look nice and upkept.  Just because the tenants have split town doesn’t mean you and your home have to deal with the mess they left behind.

Do you have any neighbors by your Encinitas house who have packed up and left, leaving a vacant home behind?  Are you afraid that it is driving down the value of your own home?  Let me know if you use any of these tips found in the article from House Logic and if you had any successes with having your local government intervene and help clean up any vacant houses in your neighborhood.

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